The project

First of all let me define eSeeCode:

  • e is a prefix to imply electronic, just like e-mail or e-book!
  • See means to visualize, to understand. Now I see it!
  • Code is a language that computers will understand!

So if you add them together you get eSeeCode, but let me describe it in more detail:

eSeeCode is an educational programming language and graphic platform for all ages in K12 schools, adapting to each age and level of knowledge.

The platform is free and open source and is available online.

The platform offers 4 different programming levels: From a pure graphical click-and-run interface to a pure text synthax highlighting editor, with two middle interfaces. This allows for a smooth progress in programming learning while keeping a common general interface, instruction set and platform, avoiding the need to learn a new language every now and then during the learning process.

The language is based on JavaScript (although this base is well hidden) so after mastering in the Code view the user can program freely on this real programming language.

The project wouldn't have been possible without this awesome projects: